Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hydroxycut: Does it Really Work

Hydroxycut is one of the top selling weight loss supplements on the market today. The company sells nearly one million units annually, worldwide by means of commercial retail, consumer stores, and online shopping. The product claims to increase the metabolism in people as well as reduce hunger cravings with the simple ingestion of one pill a day. As a way to lend validity to the product, it was endorsed by doctors and the commercial even features the medical doctor, Jon Marshall, who graduated from Midwestern University’s Medical School. What many consumers don’t understand is that the product still warrants a closer study of the ingredients and their effects.

According to Saundra Young of CNN Health online, FDA reports many consumers experiencing liver failure, seizures, and even cardiovascular problems. The FDA urges consumers to discontinue use of the product to prevent any unnecessary risks. Many consumers have reported the product to cause nausea, vomiting, fatigue, stomach pain, itching, and brown urine. Any product that brings this many bad side effects with it, clearly indicates that it isn’t healthy and should definitely be taken off the market. CNN wasn’t the only source to dispute the use of Hydroxycut.

An online Lawyer source also indicated many consumers of the pills having serious side effects that were consistent with CNN’s results. These consumers also reported that there were indications about what preceded more serious effects such as, loss of appetite, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, and tremors. Hydroxycut went so far as to recall upwards of fifteen products so due to deficiencies in the consumer reports. Bottom line is that the product is dangerous and needs serious consideration before being taken. People have had effective results while supplementing a low calorie diet with the product, but there are other alternatives to the product. People just need to put more effort forth when they work out and avoid dangerous products such as Hydroxycut.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Stretching Speech

My demonstration speech was all based on the importance and technique of stretching, which seems simple but in reality gave a better understanding of how important it is. The introduction to my speech was decent, seeing that I gave people the general outline of what I was about to demonstrate in a clear way. Although the speech didn't have a chronological order, there was a process in my head which I executed just as I had planned. With so many stretches out there I felt it was key to pick several that people knew about, so that I could clear up any misunderstandings about those stretches. The actual informational content was self explanatory, because in stretching I told what the purpose of stretching actually is. I also had a supplemental sheet with many more stretches on it to give the audience more stretching exercises on their own. The use of gestures also allowed for a smoother flowing speech. when people were able to get involved and do the actual stretches it took pressure off of me and allowed me to focus on supplying the audience with more interesting facts. As for the actual conclusion of my speech, there wasn't the most formal closing, but people knew that I was finished due to body language. I also closed with a few words hoping to keep people thinking about the speech and its affects after i was finished. I feel that it is important to leave a lasting message in the audience's head. Through demonstrating a common activity, but in the right way, I feel people will think of the speech anytime they stretch and that is what matters most.