Friday, October 9, 2009

Beef Jerky: Real vs Fake

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky has been one of the worlds most resilient foods for thousands of years, due to its ability to stay in nearly every climate. The idea behind preserving meat by drying it out and using salt to keep it fresh is a primitive idea but still exists in todays world. The difference now days is that people can hardly find a fresh and organic form of beef jerky. Although abundant and found in the aisles of thousands of stores, the product people buy, whether it is Jack Links, Oberto, or Slim Jims, is not the healthiest item people should be eating. In fact, many beef jerky companies use molds and press the beef into the desired shape. I have been lucky enough to actually taste the real food and can definitely say that it is much healthier for the average person.

Ever since I was a child beef jerky has been a cornerstone of my hunting experiences. My dad was the master chef around the house, so he took pride in making the little treats that us kids liked. Real beef jerky tastes a hundred times better than the processed meat, and is much better ingredient wise as well. Although the two foods look similar, the taste in impossible to mix up. In natural beef jerky, the flavor is a little more dull, but the meat quality makes up for the taste. In processed beef jerky the meat is more tender, and the tastes are more intense, but that is only due to all of the chemicals that the companies pump into them.

Fortunately the two styles of beef jerky are similar in nutrients and provide an excellent source of protein. The real difference in why people buy the processed version is clearly the convenience of the food. I know for myself that making beef jerky is quite the undertaking and when i can buy it in the store on any whim, i’d much rather do that. The real beef jerky is a favorite pastime of mine that hopefully I will return to someday, because the flavor of processed jerky doesn’t stand a chance in mind to that of the real jerky.

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