Friday, October 9, 2009

Preparing a Meal

The meal I prepared was fettucini alfredo, made in the kitchen of my dorm, for my roommate and myself. First off we had to get the ingredients from the store, which was quite a far bike ride. We had everything we needed planned out already, making the shopping an easy endeavor. We used fettucini noodles and a Classico’s four cheese alfredo sauce. In all, the bike ride to the store and back was definitely the biggest hurdle to overcome.

Upon returning to A tower in Witte, we went to the kitchen and began prepping for our “fancy” meal. We needed a large pot to boil water in and then just several dishes to serve the food in. Once we brought the water to a boil, we put the noodles into the scalding hot cauldron of water and waited approximately five to ten minutes; definitely the most boring part of the entire process. Once the noodles were to the al dente feeling, we strained them from the water and placed them in a large bowl for serving. All that was left was to heat up the alfredo sauce, pour it over the noodles, and enjoy. The meal was excellent and the clean-up was also a snap. This meal was definitely not normal for my roommate and I. We are used to the faster meals such as a sub sandwich or a plate of processed chicken soaked in teriyaki, served over rice. There are definite downfalls to these faster foods that not many people know about as well.

A large problem with the american people today in regards to diets is definitely the convenience factor. For almost everyone, it is more convenient to eat at fast food restaurants and the american people need to curb this habit if anybody wants to change the increasing trend of obesity. Although making a meal may take more time and effort, the benefits of food without so many preservatives are a way to a better life.

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